October 16, 2009

More about the Tutu

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I wanted to make more tutus, one for each of my girls and one for my neice.  So, I looked back at my post on how to make one…and it was SO UNINFORMATIVE!  So, here’s better directions…

1.  Pick your color(s) of tulle, purchase it, and set it on the table.


2.  Roll it up lengthwise and cut sections from it.  First, I cut mine in half the whole way down the piece, since I was making tutus for shorties.  Then, I rolled the pieces up and cut about every 3 inches or so.



3.  Next, measure a ribbon around the waist of the tutu recipient.  Knot it at each end where it meets, and leave extra past the knots to tie a nice big bow.


4.  Tie said ribbon around something, I used the back of my highchair.  Grasp the tulle, fold it in half and pass it behind the ribbon.  Pass the loose ends through the loop and tighten.  Continue with each peice of tulle until you have as many on the ribbon as you want.


5.  Tie the tutu around the waist of the baby – cute!!!