September 21, 2009

Cleanse Update

Posted in Body Detox tagged , , at 8:19 pm by thealligatorpurse

This is how Day1 went…I made healthy food, but overboard healthy food, for meals.  Breakfast was a rice cake with natural PB, soy yogurt, (yuck!), and orange juice.  Lunch was an iceberg lettuce, carrots and peppers salad with nasty balsamic homemade dressing.  Sorry, I just don’t have Rachel Ray’s knack for making awesome dressing from scratch.  Dinner was way better, marinated chicken breast, brown rice pilaf and green beans.  The thing is, since I can’t have anything to eat, I’m craving making and eating all kinds of stuff.  Not necessarily bad, unhealthy stuff, but just anything.  The blonde brownies on the counter, also, are calling my name…