September 23, 2009

More Detox

Posted in Body Detox tagged , at 11:19 am by thealligatorpurse

Yesterday was okay.  We’re both feeling okay, although my BIL is nauseas.  What I really don’t like is the diet.  They say to avoid things like wheat, oats, dairy, and more.  That leaves…rice, chicken, fish, veggies, olive oil.  Not easy to cook with the foods they “allow”.  Breakfast is nasty, today I had sliced bananas on my natural peanut butter slathered rice cake.  Lunch is getting better, I’ve figured out that a romain salad with newman’s salad dressing and chicken is pretty good.  Dinner, it’s hard, cause I have to avoid butter, cream, etc.  I use those all the time.

Did I mention I miss coffee?  I tried decaf yesterday and don’t think it worked with the pills.