October 7, 2009

$200 at Best Buy?

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Yep, I’d love it.  I’m trying to win it, and get an extra entry for telling you guys about it.  Go here – http://totallytogetherreviews.blogspot.com/2009/09/samsung-stainless-steel-french-door.html – and enter to win a gift card.  Wish I could win the new fridge, too 😦  But, $200 would go a long way towards saving for one.

I already have my heart set on this style, and Samsung is a good brand.  Someday, I’ll have one…


September 28, 2009

The cleanse is over

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YAY!  I can go back to normal food!  I hated the diet they had us on.  Although, it was probably good for me – no dairy, no wheat, no gluten.  I felt really good starting on day 4, and it probably had a lot to do with the diet.  But, I miss regular, fairly healthy food.

So, no more morning garlic breath.  No more fiber powder juice, (which wasn’t that bad).  No more horse pills.

I really do feel much better than I was feeling.  I will keep drinking herbal tea, and eating more fruit daily.

Oh, and I lost 4 pounds 🙂

September 26, 2009

My new relaxation technique

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I have known how to knit for years, but just recently have taken it up again.  I usually choose crochet over knitting, it’s simpler in my mind, easy to pick up stitches which I tend to drop.  But, I recently splurged on a lot of higher end knitting needles on E-bay, and have tried to take up knitting again.  I’m working on a hat for my neice, apparently, the 5 month old has requested a hat “with a big flower on it.”  So, I’m starting a hat, pulling it out, starting another, pulling it out, etc.  This time, I think I’ve got it.  And, it’s starting to be relaxing, something I can do while watching TV, talking to the fam, riding in the car, etc.

Funny thing, I used the “tag finder” on wordpress and out of all my tags, the most blogs pulled up were about knitting.  Must be a popular thing right now.



Here’s the finished product:


September 23, 2009

More Detox

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Yesterday was okay.  We’re both feeling okay, although my BIL is nauseas.  What I really don’t like is the diet.  They say to avoid things like wheat, oats, dairy, and more.  That leaves…rice, chicken, fish, veggies, olive oil.  Not easy to cook with the foods they “allow”.  Breakfast is nasty, today I had sliced bananas on my natural peanut butter slathered rice cake.  Lunch is getting better, I’ve figured out that a romain salad with newman’s salad dressing and chicken is pretty good.  Dinner, it’s hard, cause I have to avoid butter, cream, etc.  I use those all the time.

Did I mention I miss coffee?  I tried decaf yesterday and don’t think it worked with the pills.

September 21, 2009

Cleanse Update

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This is how Day1 went…I made healthy food, but overboard healthy food, for meals.  Breakfast was a rice cake with natural PB, soy yogurt, (yuck!), and orange juice.  Lunch was an iceberg lettuce, carrots and peppers salad with nasty balsamic homemade dressing.  Sorry, I just don’t have Rachel Ray’s knack for making awesome dressing from scratch.  Dinner was way better, marinated chicken breast, brown rice pilaf and green beans.  The thing is, since I can’t have anything to eat, I’m craving making and eating all kinds of stuff.  Not necessarily bad, unhealthy stuff, but just anything.  The blonde brownies on the counter, also, are calling my name…

Body cleanse

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I’ve talked Troy into doing a body cleanse with me.  It’s GNC’s complete kit.  It has all kinds of herbs, fiber packets, probiotics, and a meal plan to follow.  We’re on Day 1, and I’m very impressed with him.  He’s not a healthy eater, but he’s making a great effort to eat most of what is recomended.  We’ll see how well this works…

September 13, 2009


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This morning, I was abruptly awakened at 4:00am by my husband poking me in the back.  He said, “what should we do?”  I had no idea what he was talking about, but apparently, our 3 year old was coughing.  This wouldn’t be so big of a problem except that both girls sleep in the same room.  If Cam gets coughing, her asthma won’t let her stop, and it goes on, and on, and on… He was afraid she would wake Aves with the coughing.  As he was explaining this to me, (at 4am, remember), Averie made a little crying noise.  So, he sighed and got out of bed to go rock her.  Cam’s coughing kept up, so I gave her some cough medicine powder.  It didn’t help.  So, I took her into the bathroom and ran a hot steamy shower.  It worked some.  She laid back in bed, but Averie was still awake.  So, I rocked her.  After a while, I laid her back in bed and got Cam a spoonful of honey.  It also helped, but not a lot.  I had to rock Aves more, she was too awake to fall back asleep.  So, as I was rocking, Cam asked for a drink.  Up we got to fetch that.  Then, Aves was ready to sleep, (she gets really crabby, stretchy when she’s ready to lay down).  So, I put her in her crib and laid down with Cam.  I showed her how to cover her face when she’s coughing, breathe the warm air and relax.  Still didn’t work.  So, we got up and went to the living room for an albuterol treatment.  She got to read a book while she was doing the treatment.  It helped relax her chest enough that the coughing subsided.  But, I didn’t want to risk it starting up again, thus beginning my long rocking process over, so I let her lay on the couch to sleep.  I promised I would stay right with her.  So, here I sit, drinking AWESOME starbucks coffee, (not from you, Anna, I needed caffeine this morning), and surfing the web.  I would sure love to take a shower, but that would entail leaving my little girl, breaking my promise.  I can think of many worse ways to start my morning than with my two, favorite sweeties.



With all the attacks Satan’s been sending our way lately, I can’t help but think that he’s trying again.  This is the second Sunday morning that I’ve been awake in the middle of the night.  But, guess what, Devil?  Troy hates losing sleep, but he’s sound asleep right now.  And…I’m a morning person!  Ha HA!!!

September 11, 2009


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I found some extra bugs in my vermicomposting bin the other day.  Grey, big, maggotty looking things.  They made me gag.  I picked out as many as I could find, (no, not by hand – ick!), and dumped them out.  But, I’m sure there were at least as many as I found left in the bins.  I’ve been researching since then, trying to igure out what they are.  Finally, tonight, I discovered that they’re Soldier Fly Larvae.  They’re harmless, and grow into harmless housefly type flies, but still, they’re nasty.  I’ll take a picture soon and add it, when my stomach is strong enough…

I’m reading that they’re beneficial to my worm bin, but I don’t think I can keep them there.  Blech!

September 9, 2009

County Fair Fun

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Apparently, the big thing in our town is the county fair.  We have a huge fairground where many things are heald throughout the year.  And, every late summer, right when school starts, we have a week long county fair.  We didn’t get to go last year, because it was right about the time Averie was born.  But, we made it out twice this year.  (I think we may buy week-long passes next year, Troy loved it enough to go every day.)

Here are some things we did while at the fair…


Cam rode on the motorcycle


Daddy rode on Pharoh's Fury


Pony Ride...


Aves enjoyed watching Cam on the rides


This horse was a kissy face

Crazy hair!

Crazy hair!

The chickens were laying eggs!

The chickens were laying eggs!

Riding the bike with Brady

Riding the bike with Brady

Ferris wheel :-)

Ferris wheel 🙂

The scrambler.

The scrambler.

Daddy won a monkey playing piggy race

Daddy won a monkey playing piggy race

mmm...fair food!

mmm...fair food!

Bye-bye, fair!

Bye-bye, fair!

September 8, 2009

How I wish…

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…that I could blog like other mothers.  I read a few blogs, and sometimes hunt for new ones.  I’m always in awe at their writing ablilities.  They can take a mundane day and make it seem magical.  They make coloring seem like the funnest project ever.  They make taking a walk seem like taking an adventure with Hansel and Gretel.  I have no idea how they do it!  Maybe I do – maybe they see the world differently than I do.  Maybe they view it through a magical haze.  I wish I could borrow that haze for a few hours…

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