October 17, 2009

Pumpkin patch 2009

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We’ve made two trips to the pumpkin patch this fall.  The first one was with the cousins to pick out some mums and tiny pumpkins.  The girls enjoyed loading the wagon up with them…





Then, when Grandpa Lynn and Grandma Louie were here, we went again. 

The girls took a ride in the barrel train.


Daddy tried to take Aves into the corn maze, but it was way too muddy.


We took a hayride into the pumpkin patch, but it was too muddy to get out of the wagon.



And, here’s our 2009 height picture…




September 9, 2009

County Fair Fun

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Apparently, the big thing in our town is the county fair.  We have a huge fairground where many things are heald throughout the year.  And, every late summer, right when school starts, we have a week long county fair.  We didn’t get to go last year, because it was right about the time Averie was born.  But, we made it out twice this year.  (I think we may buy week-long passes next year, Troy loved it enough to go every day.)

Here are some things we did while at the fair…


Cam rode on the motorcycle


Daddy rode on Pharoh's Fury


Pony Ride...


Aves enjoyed watching Cam on the rides


This horse was a kissy face

Crazy hair!

Crazy hair!

The chickens were laying eggs!

The chickens were laying eggs!

Riding the bike with Brady

Riding the bike with Brady

Ferris wheel :-)

Ferris wheel 🙂

The scrambler.

The scrambler.

Daddy won a monkey playing piggy race

Daddy won a monkey playing piggy race

mmm...fair food!

mmm...fair food!

Bye-bye, fair!

Bye-bye, fair!

September 3, 2009

Birthday pictures

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Here are some pics from Averie’s birthday last week…

Eating birthday dinner - fish and veggies

Eating birthday dinner - fish and veggies


Cake - Mommy got smart and used white icing

Cake - Mommy got smart and used white icing



August 25, 2009

One year ago today…

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…I was in St. Joe’s hospital on the labor & delivery floor.  My little girl with a due date of September 4 had made it clear that she wasn’t waiting that long to meet us face to face.  I had been induced with Camdyn, and was afraid I would have to be with Averie, but was thrilled when my water broke around 6:30am.  Troy was in Ohio and had to make a mad dash to Joliet to be with us.  After a fairly easy labor, (Troy might not agree), our sweet little girl entered the world. 





What a year of joy you’ve brought us.  Watching you grow from an infant to a little person – your smiles, your laughs, your tears, your accomplishments – thank you for all you bring to our lives.  Thank you for picking our family to be a part of.  We love you, darling baby!


May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

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We had a relaxing morning.  Cleaned up a lot of stuff that’s been needing to be done but not getting done.  We made a lot of food to take to the in-laws’ for lunch…Strawberry Pie, Sopapilla Cheesecake, Baked Beans, Broccoli Casserole, Corn on the Cob and Ribs. 

Here’s Troy getting the food out of the car…


We spent the afternoon with Troy’s brother’s family, his parents, our Executive Pastor and his family and the Youth Director and his mom.  I meant to take a picture of all our food, but forgot my camera.  The girls had lots of fun playing.  Camdyn learned how to climb a tree – sortof…

017 019 023

Here she is up in the tree…

troys 043

Averie spent some time playing on the grass, eating waffles…

013 014

015 016

We brought them home, threw them into the tub and put them to bed at least a half-hour earlier than usual.  They both fell asleep right away sounds as could be.  What a nice day!