October 27, 2009

How to clean the bathroom

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Well, I realized today that you can sign up for e-mails for the 30-day challenge, which I did…today…on “my” day4.  So, I’m starting over.  Instead of bore you with the details of the same days again, while I will do them, I’ll wait until I’m caught up with the e-mails to post about them.

Instead, I’ll tell you how I clean my bathroom!

I always keep these in a cabinet, handy, in the bathroom.


These are simple things.  A roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of vinegar/water mixture.  I also keep a toilet bowl scrubbing brush behind the toilet and a bottle of toilet cleaner in the cabinet.

With these handy, all I have to do is grab them and do a quick wipe-down to get rid of dust, toothpaste spills, hair, etc.

I start with the toilet.  I spray the top and dust it off, then I spray the seat area, wipe it down.  Clean inside the bowl.  Done.

Then, I move on to the sink.  Spray down the counter and sink, wipe it until it’s not grimy anymore, and…Done.

Then, the floor.  I spray it, wipe it, work my way out of the bathroom, and…Done.


Sometime, well, almost always, I get some help.


What about the shower, you ask?  Weeeelllll, it’s not usually as clean.  I attack it with scrubbing bubbles every couple of weeks, other than that, I wipe down the sides while I’m bathing the girls.  Yeah, I guess that’s not too bad, right?


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