September 28, 2009

The cleanse is over

Posted in Body Detox tagged , at 9:09 am by thealligatorpurse

YAY!  I can go back to normal food!  I hated the diet they had us on.  Although, it was probably good for me – no dairy, no wheat, no gluten.  I felt really good starting on day 4, and it probably had a lot to do with the diet.  But, I miss regular, fairly healthy food.

So, no more morning garlic breath.  No more fiber powder juice, (which wasn’t that bad).  No more horse pills.

I really do feel much better than I was feeling.  I will keep drinking herbal tea, and eating more fruit daily.

Oh, and I lost 4 pounds 🙂



  1. michelle said,

    way to go!!! Did everything come out ok??? I am thinking about doing my cleanse again here soon. I’d like to have it done before our anniversary next month so we’ll see.

    • thealligatorpurse said,

      ha ha, yes, it was a very good choice for us, I think. Not too “harsh”, lol!
      We’ve done pretty good, too, at changing our diet since.
      You should do yours – it feels very good afterwards 🙂

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