September 26, 2009

My new relaxation technique

Posted in Crafts tagged at 1:19 pm by thealligatorpurse

I have known how to knit for years, but just recently have taken it up again.  I usually choose crochet over knitting, it’s simpler in my mind, easy to pick up stitches which I tend to drop.  But, I recently splurged on a lot of higher end knitting needles on E-bay, and have tried to take up knitting again.  I’m working on a hat for my neice, apparently, the 5 month old has requested a hat “with a big flower on it.”  So, I’m starting a hat, pulling it out, starting another, pulling it out, etc.  This time, I think I’ve got it.  And, it’s starting to be relaxing, something I can do while watching TV, talking to the fam, riding in the car, etc.

Funny thing, I used the “tag finder” on wordpress and out of all my tags, the most blogs pulled up were about knitting.  Must be a popular thing right now.



Here’s the finished product:



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  1. C's Momma said,

    Yay! How exciting! Btw, she’s six months old, now =)

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