August 25, 2009

One year ago today…

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…I was in St. Joe’s hospital on the labor & delivery floor.  My little girl with a due date of September 4 had made it clear that she wasn’t waiting that long to meet us face to face.  I had been induced with Camdyn, and was afraid I would have to be with Averie, but was thrilled when my water broke around 6:30am.  Troy was in Ohio and had to make a mad dash to Joliet to be with us.  After a fairly easy labor, (Troy might not agree), our sweet little girl entered the world. 





What a year of joy you’ve brought us.  Watching you grow from an infant to a little person – your smiles, your laughs, your tears, your accomplishments – thank you for all you bring to our lives.  Thank you for picking our family to be a part of.  We love you, darling baby!



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  1. Stephanie said,

    Awww, this made me cry. What precious little gifts we have been given!

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