August 22, 2009

ZeroWater Z-Pitcher

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Can I brag about my most recent purchase?

Product Image

A Zero Pitcher.  We have very chlorine-y city water, and a water softener.  So, either we drink the chlorine or we drink the slime – neither one are yummy.  But, I bought this pitcher at Target the other day and am very pleasantly surprised at it’s quality.  I’ve owned a PUR and Brita before, and both have left a funny taste to the water, almost dirty.  But this pitcher gives me sweet, clear, not chlorine-y water.  This cost about $35, and the replacement filters are about $15 each.  I don’t know how long it will be before I have to change one, but can only imagine I’ll save money.  (Right now, I’m spending about $7-$10 a week on bottled gallons of water.)  Yay!

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