August 17, 2009

Oreo Balls #1

Posted in Great Recipes tagged , , at 8:51 pm by thealligatorpurse

When Averie gets hungry, she gets really crabby.  We often put her in her highchair and finish up the last minute meal prep with here waiting there.  Give her a few Cheerios and she’s great.  Well, we did that the other day, left her for a few minutes, and came back to this…

camp clay baptisms 003camp clay baptisms 004camp clay baptisms 005

She found a bag of Oreo balls I had set on the china cabinet next to her.  She’s so sneaky!!!

camp clay baptisms 002

And yes, I’ll give you guys the recipe soon – I haven’t had a chance to take a pic yet.

Here’s a picture of a recipe that didn’t turn out.


camp clay baptisms 006

Doesn’t look that bad, does it?  But, see those purple and white things?  They’re an eggplant called “India Paint”.  They ruined the dish.  (I was trying to make ratatouille.)  They have tiny, hard seeds and really mushy flesh.  Yuck!

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