August 14, 2009


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I got to go to a nearby town this week.  Shipshewana, IN.  It seems everyone who lives here – even everyone who lives in Joliet, has been there.  I’ve been hearing for years how I would love it.  So, when some old friends invited me, I decided to go!  I took Averie and my sister-in-law and we left a little after 6am.  After an impromptu stop at Walmart because I forgot to bring a drink and snacks for Aves, we got there around 9am.  My sil’s mom lives nearby and came over to visit with us, too.  Our friends met us and we wandered through the flea market.  After we passed through Aisle 9, we decided to take a lunch break.  Good thing, too, because it started to rain as soon as we got our menus!  We ate a yummy lunch, hit some of the shops afterwards, then headed to Das Essenhause for pie.  Yummy!


What a fun day!

While we were out, Camdyn had fun with – not one, but two sitters.  This is what they did all day…




Yep, I keep finding more everywhere.  ha ha!


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