August 4, 2009

Goodbye, old friend

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For many years, our life was fairly free and simple.  We had no children, which meant we had our Saturdays free.Our favorite thing to do on those days was – fishing.  We have tried fishing from the dock, but it’s no challenge.  So, what were we to do but get a boat?  Troy tried a big Lake Michigan type boat first, but that thing never made it into the water.  He traded it on a beautiful, sparkly blue fish and ski with a huge motor.  We loved that boat – took it out every weekend.  I’ll never forget our first trip on it, we went on the Fox River in November with our dog, Georgia.  It was a bitterly cold day – snowing, in fact.  But, we still stayed out for quite a while on it.

We used to rent a houseboat for a week with Troy’s family.  We would take the boat down and use it more than anything else.  Fishing with it was heaven!

When we moved to Joliet, we would take it down on the Illinois River and fish for bass and catfish.  Troy would fish for bass, and maybe catch 2 or 3.  I would fish for catfish and catch a boatload.  (I NEVER took one off the hook, though, they scare me.)

Then, along came…children.  And there went…fishing.  We took the boat to Grandpa’s house and stored it there for a couple of years.  Until, now.  Troy’s been wanting to sell it for a year or so, and I wouldn’t let him.  I love the boat.  It’s a pretty sparkly blue.  It rumbles when you turn it on.  But, one day, I realized it’s not something we’ll use now – or even within the next few years.  So, I agreed to let him list it on Craigslist.   And, it sold in one day.  The family buying it sounds like they are very excited and hoping to have great fun with it.  I’m excited it will get some use.  But, I’m still sad it’s gone.

Seven years of my life, you were part of our family.  You unselfishly entertained us and our friends.  Thank you for all your hard work and faithful service.

Bye, old friend, hope you enjoy your new life.  Maybe we’ll see each other around town…


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  1. Brooke said,

    How exciting …. and also sad! Craigslist is really neat though. I’m just starting to get on and look for things. Found what might be a great deal. We’ll see if they are still there on Friday!

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