May 10, 2009


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To my mother, my mother-in-law, my sisters and my friends, Happy Mother’s Day!  I’ve always celebrated, even though I wasn’t a mother until recently.  I was a mommy to my dogs until my little girls came along, ha ha!

Today was a nice Mother’s Day.  We went to church and had a great day – all the kids were in a good mood.  Tried to eat some lunch I had cooked in the crock pot, but it tasted funny, so we heated up some pre-packaged curry.  Cut the grass, our usual Sunday job.  A nice relaxing day.

I got a great gift this year.  Here’s a clue…


Yep, a Tiffany necklace!  I have the best girls ever!


It’s a blurry picture, but I think it’s the most beautiful necklace ever!  If you look closely at the next picture, you’ll see it on me.


(We’re a little mussed up cause it’s the end of the day – after naps and yardwork.)

Camdyn’s been sneaking the camera again, apparently…



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