March 25, 2009

Sorry, Les

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My sister wanted me to take some embarassing pictures of my family beautifying ourselves, (crest whitestrips), and post them, but I refuse!  Maybe I’ll e-mail them to you later, but probably not.  I’ll show them to you next time I see you…more reason to visit soon!

Our winter sowing is going well.  We have quite a few vegetables, some herbs and some flowers planted.  We still would like to start marigolds, maybe this weekend we’ll get around to it.  We need to finish all the milk in the jug, first, and I don’t drink milk.  We have some cucumbers, green onions and squash germinated already!  And, we just took pots of mint, rosemary and thyme out to start growing again after the winter.

Tomorrow, we head back to McDonalds playland again.  Soon, it will be warm enough for us to go to the park instead.  The park that has a butterfly garden with a sign that says, “Not a playground” ???


  1. Brooke said,

    Yeah, kids keep climbing on things in the butterfly garden and breaking them. Expensive things. You can play in the little house, and the maze, but most things are just for your eyes. Some kids broke (or spray painted – can’t remember) the $300+ rhino statue. Someone else was standing on the toadstool table, instead of sitting on the “chairs” and snapped the top off. And the butterfly house had to be locked because kids were stomping on the butterflies, or something like that. — This is why it’s important to give kids boundries! — You just can’t have nice things anymore 😦

  2. Sister Les said,

    What I really wanted to see pictures of was the sunless tanning lotion hands…gotta love Troy!

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