March 15, 2009

A trip to the mall

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Friday was a really sunny day, and pretty warm, (mid 40’s), so we decided to take a trip to the outdoor mall.  It was pretty empty, giving us most of the place to ourselves.  Averie is big enough now to ride in the stroller sitting up, instead of in her carseat, so she and Cam ride facing each other.  They love it!


Yea, I think Aves was crying.  But, that’s rare, really!

Cam is really smart, she’s figured out how to do so many things.  She recently has a great obsession with the camera.  Yesterday, when she and daddy were relaxing on the couch, she decided to try taking some pics.


Here’s Daddy playing “farm” on facebook.


Here’s her view of Averie.

She needs to learn to focus, but I think she’s got some great talent, ha ha!


I would love to upload videos, but can’t figure it out.  I have them in Windows Photo Gallery right now, if anyone can teach me how to load them onto a blog, that would be super!

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