February 11, 2009


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We had quite a bit of rain today.  I guess it rained all day, sometimes hard.  Strange for February…but, I’ve never seen a February in Ohio before.  Add the rain to the piles of melted snow and you get flooding.

Here’s our driveway.  Our poor neighbor parks in that garage you see.  Last week, there were almost 4 feet of snowdrifts at that corner, and he had to get a friend with a big shovel tractor to dig him out.  Today, he almost got stuck again trying to get through the huge puddle.


Here’s a corner of the soccer fields behind our house.


There were a ton of deeper “lakes” we drove past on our way to church.  Wonder how long it will take for them to be absorbed into the ground?

And, what’s a rainy day without a rainbow?





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