February 7, 2009

Spring has (not) Sprung

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But, it almost feels like it.  It was well over 50 degrees here, today.   We had drifts of snow that were probably 3 feet high, and they’re still around, but the rest of the snow started to melt today.  It left some huge puddles in the driveway.  I took Camdyn out to play so Troy could get some work done, and I could get the garage a bit cleaner.  (It’s our storage unit, right now, until we unload the other house of furniture.)  I got our Christmas tubs organized, the garage sale boxes moved into the corner and emptied a big box of misc. stuff we brough back from Illinois our last trip.  In between doing these things, I took breaks to watch Cam play.  We started with her rocking on her blue horse from Mrs. Diane and Stephen.


Soon, we moved on the her tricycle.  I didn’t get any pictures of that because I spent the majority of the time pushing her.  She hasn’t quite figured out the pedals, yet.

Then, we went for a walk.  On the walk, we discovered that there were some pretty big puddles of water from the melted snow and ice.  Since she was wearing snowboots, I let Cam splash in them.  Although they were deeper than her ankles, she didn’t get any water on her – awesome boots!




We had fun, got a lot of work done, and gave Daddy some good work time.


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  1. anna said,

    Yikes that looks slippery!! Was Averie sleeping? It’s supposed to be in the 50s-60s here, all week!!

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