February 4, 2009

Our Winter Playground

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I wrote this a while ago and for some reason didn’t post it…I’m technically challenged…

We have a beautiful butterfly garden at our local park that is great fun in the summer.  I’ll post pictures sometime.  They plant probably 4 or 5 plants for every letter of the alphabet.  There are fairy houses, water features, paths, all kinds of neat stuff.  But, it is no fun in the winter, it may even shut down.  So, we do the next best thing…McDonalds Playplace!  We went there tonight for dinner, (also as a bribe to get Cam to fall asleep last night).  We try to give her a lot of play time, and don’t force her to eat.  She will usually play for about 10 minutes, then ask for her food, I’ll go get it, she’ll eat about half of it, then go play.  She’ll come back and graze on it, mostly drinking chocolate milk, through the rest of playtime.  She’ll take the leftovers with her and nibble the whole way home.    It really gets her to eat quite a bit of food, and gives her exercise at the same time, making mommy feel better about feeding her a ton of fried, processed stuff.

She loves to jump on the trampolines.  They’re just her size.  It’s a good thing there are webs around them, her balance isn’t so good…


Here’s a great action shot, lol!



She also likes to play on the slide.  She can go down it…and up it!


She even goes on the big round curvy slide.  Daddy was shocked to see her on it – she’s such a big girl.



Averie has been blowing raspberries for about a week now.  It’s extremely cute, everyone just loves it.  Well, today she decided raspberries were just too calm for her – spitting was much better.  So, now, she spits – forcefully!  With lots of flying slobber.  It’s hilarious.


Just watching some Sesame Street…


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