January 31, 2009


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Last night, we had something at church called girlfriends Ultimate Birthday Bash. 


It was the kickoff for our new ladies’ ministry, not just for church attenders but for their friends and ladies in the community.  There were a lot of people who put it together, and I did a little demonstration on how to make paper bag scrapbooks.  Troy was watching the girls, but since Averie won’t take a bottle, he had to bring her out for me to feed her half-way through.  He got busy helping move some stuff, and I got to keep the girls with me for the second half of the night.  They seemed to have fun, Averie got held by Brooke, (thank you!).  Through the night, there were cupcakes out and every lady was supposed to decorate one.  I never did, the line was super long and I didn’t have time to stand in it.  But, all of the sudden I realized each cupcake had a candle in it and they were getting ready to sing Happy Birthday, (Camdyn’s favorite song), and eat them.  I couldn’t let her miss out, so I whipped one up real fast and we sat down and sang.  Then, she got to eat it, yum!



Maybe she mostly just licked the icing…



Averie thought about trying a cupcake, too.




Yep, we were out late and full of sugar.  Had quite a time getting to sleep.  But, we had fun!

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  1. Brooke said,

    Could we photoshop my double chins out of that last pic?

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