January 24, 2009

New Posts

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So, I’ve learned by reading other blogs that what I like is just new posts.  They don’t have to be about anything special, just something new to read.  It’s like catching up with friends over coffee.  So, I’ll try to keep new posts abundant here.

Today, I could write about so many things.  About the little red Rodeo we saw on our way home that reminded me of my old one.  Of how my little girl sings “Old Mac Donald” and gets to the cow on the farm and says, “with a myew myew here a myew myew there” and cracks me up.  How I made some really yummy stuffed shells for dinner.  Does any of that sound interesting?

I have found myself thinking throughout the day of what to write about here.  I plan it all out in my head, even down to the punctuation.  Then, I get to the computer and can’t remember most of it.  I actually just had a great sentence in my head and forgot it as I was typing it.  Call it mommy brain, I do…

Well, it’s time to put together my scrapbook shelves that just arrived.  Yea!

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  1. Michelle Svoboda said,

    Hey there! I finally got onto Jocelyn’s blog and followed hers to yours. Send me your email and I can invite you to ours.

    Mommy brain…I’ve got it bad! I look forward to keeping in touch with you on your blog!!!

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