January 21, 2009

Oh, my old Purse…

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So, my friend Angie is having a contest to give away a Coach purse.  I had never heard of Coach until I moved to Illinois, but it’s really big out here.  Most people used to use the leather ones, but now I think the fabric ones are more common.  They are really well made, and I think they have a pretty good warranty.

Anyway, Angie’s got a TON of ways you can enter her contest.  I’m trying all the ones I can…One is writing about it in your blog.  Yea!  Here’s the link to her contest – give it a try and enter.  I won’t be too upset if you beat me for it.  


She also wants to see my ugliest purse.  Here it is…



Here’s its story.  I used to hate Vera Bradley.  It was the big thing when I was in college, but I thought it looked too “country”.  Then, suddenly, ten years later, I got old enough to like them.  So, I started watching different bags on E-Bay to see how much they went for.  My wonderful DH, (I don’t have a nickname for him yet, any suggestions?), saw this one and bid on it.  And won it.  Bless his heart.  It’s a great style of bag.  And the pattern is okay.  But, the seller was REALLY dishonest about the shape of the bag.  It’s pretty ratty.  So, it was used for a little while, then banished to the cedar chest. 

That’s the story of my ugliest purse.


  1. Angie said,

    Thanks for entering! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Jocelyn said,

    welcome to the world of blogging…i am not as faithful to it yet…but it is fun to put random stuff up:-)

  3. Your Favorite Sister said,

    I like the name/title you chose for your blog.
    And Vera Bradley, no matter how old you get, is [I]still[/I] too country.

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